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Must call ahead to reserve a spot for all below classes - (609) 365-8499 Ext 1

Gentle Yoga For PD: Wednesday @ 1:30pm

Gentle yoga focuses on the benefits of deep breathing, relaxation and stretching while working to improve both strength and balance. Laura's gentle yoga class is accessible to beginners and students with limitations that may require modifications. Each class has a therapeutic focus and uses props to accommodate the individual student's skill level.

BIG/PWR classes For PD:   Tuesday @ 1:00pm with Dan

Designed specifically for Parkinson’s patients. Helps with stretching, strengthening and body movements. (cancelled till further notice)

Balance for PD: Thursday @ 1:00pm with Dan

ROCK STEADY BOXING FOR PD: Tuesday and Thursday @ 11:00am

Designed specifically for individuals diagnosised with Parkinson's

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