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A few words from our members...

"R. and I need to thank you for taking the time to meet with us. Your candor, compassion and knowledge meant a great deal as we continue this journey of discovery, action and healing. After leaving your office we started to delve into some of the information you provided and our goal is to systematically check out all of the resources available to folks who may be facing a future that includes PD. This is a new topic for us and we're so very fortunate that your Center and services exists for us south Jersey residents. We are especially grateful that you encouraged seeking the services of a Movement Disorder Specialist. Had you not mentioned this we may have overlooked one of the most critical care components available for diagnostics and treatment. Knowing there are good resources out there for patients and caregivers such as you, your staff and your Center reassures us that we aren't alone and can be a part of something bigger that will lift us all up. Thank you again Ellie and God bless you for the work you do."
- Mr. and Mrs. McG.

Thanks again for all the energy you share with Orange, myself, and others at the center who are experiencing life transforming steps through our interaction with you. May you, your family and the center continue to be blessed!
- Gloria A.

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